Chose from mouth watering fresh ground beef or our lean and healthy Bison Burgers.  Bison provides a more nutritious burger experience.


Named Best Burgers in Jacksonville byJacksonville Restaurant Reviews!

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Epik Burger was chosen as Jacksonville Restaurant Reviews #1 Burger in Jacksonville for 2018!  We are also the two time champion of Jacksonville Magazine's Burgers and Brew Competition!  

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gluten-free options

Whether you have Celiac's disease, a gluten intolerance or are living a gluten-free lifestyle we have got you covered!  At Epik Burger we have used gluten-free ingredients whenever possible. We utilize a separate toaster for our gluten-free rolls, don't place any gluten ingredients on our grill or fryers and chose quality ingredients.  Our menu clearly marks which items are made with gluten-free ingredients, and there are a lot to chose from!  Just be sure to order your burger with a gluten free bun and your milkshake without a cookie straw garnish!

Fine Print Warning:  Although we take many precautions and purchase gluten-free ingredients this is not a gluten free restaurant and guarantee of cross-contamination can not be completely assured. Please ask a manager if you have any questions.