On a personal note I have eaten burgers all over the country but never have experienced anything that even comes close to matching the Alchemy Burger in flavor                                                               - Anna Eatx Jax

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"100% Delicious" - Snack and Jill

The Alchemy Burger GF*  70.00
Snake River Farms Black Grade Wagyu, house ground Ribeye and Brisket, sous vide cooked medium rare to 126 degrees then torch seared, 10 ounces + Heritage Farms Thick Cut Bacon + Truffle Butter made with Reggiano & Modenese Cow Milk & Italian Black Summer Truffles +  Housemade American Cheese made from Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar + Dijon Aioli 

Includes: Pellegrino Sparkling Water + Cloth Napkin + Heritage Farms Bacon Cheese Fries +

Choice of Ridikulous Menu Shake

Heritage Farms Bacon Cheese Fries GF*  14.99
Heritage Farms Bacon + Housemade American Cheese made from Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar + Truffle Butter + Truffle Oil + Parmesan + Fine Diced Cornichons + Dijon Aioli Side

Madagascar Vanilla Bean Shake  12.99
21 ounce shake with Madagascar vanilla beans garnished with blondie bars & vanilla cookie straws

Divine Chocolate Shake  12.99
21 ounce Ghiradelli Chocolate Shake + ghiradelli cholate sauce drizzle garnished with chocolate chunk brownies & chocolate cookie straws

Fine Print:
These Ridikulous menu items may not always be available and may have an extended wait time for preparation.  Ordering 24 hours in advance is advised for the Alchemy Burger, minimum preparation wait time for this burger is 1-2 hours.  Please check with us before bringing your mom across town just to treat her to one of these items.  No discounts, coupons, or special offers of any kind are accepted.  All sales are final.  The burger is  available for dine-in only.  Items may be ordered ahead for a specific dining time if paid in full.



Sometimes a burger comes along that changes the game for good. Meet the Alchemy Burger from @epikburger on Atlantic Blvd. Now this isn’t your ordinary burger, it’s a transcendent experience! - yelpjax via instagram